3 simple exercises to lose extra weight

Do you want to lose weight? The best cure for that extra layer of belly fat is jogging! Which happens to be the best cardio exercise out there.
However, if you can’t or don’t want to start running, here are three exercises you can do as alternatives to running in the comfort of your own home. Ready, steady, go!

3 simple exercises to lose extra weight

Jumping rope
Yes, we’re talking about the childhood classic game which kept us entertained for hours to come. This is a great cardio exercise which works more muscles than running. One minute of jumping rope burns up to 13 calories, so keep up playing.
Jumping squats
Still in the world of jumping, we come across jumping squats, which are great for toning your body. These simple exercises burn the extra fat and work many muscles on your core, reshaping your body. Do one round of 8-12 jumping squats, then pause for 30 seconds and repeat the sequence up to 5 times.
Hoop burpees and/or push ups
This exercise works your entire body and improves your flexibility, as well as endurance. By practicing hoop burpees and push ups you are going to improve your stability, while burning calories in bulk.
Start the exercise by standing in a squat. Jump down in a push up position with your palms in front of the feet and then go back in the squat pose. Jump up to finish the exercise. Repeat for up to 8 times with pauses of 30 seconds in between reps.

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