How to Shine Cloudy Glassware

Please, please, PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one with glasses that look like this! I opened my cupboard the other day and I couldn’t find a single “clean” glass in there! Now, I know they are clean. They went through the dishwasher, at least. But every time they went through a cycle in there, they came out a little bit worse. So how do you get cloudy glassware all shiny and clean again? It’s easier than you may think!

How to Shine Cloudy Glassware


It’s like the “cure-all” for home cleaning projects! If you have a lot of glassware to shine, I would suggest letting them soak first in a mixture of one part water to one part white vinegar. After soaking for a while, scrub with a soft rag and the calcium deposits and water spots should wipe right off.
If you are just cleaning one or two glasses, then dip the corner of a soft rag in straight white vinegar and rub. A little elbow grease will do the trick. It took me less than five minutes to get this glass clean and shiny again. Look at the difference!
There are a couple ways to keep your glasses from getting cloudy again after cleaning them up. Hard water leaves deposits, and leaving the dish washer on Heat Dry will just cook them on. So use a good rinsing agent in the dish washer and then set it to Air Dry instead of using the heat. It also pays to spend a little more and get a good quality dish washing detergent.

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