My husband just told me that it is going to be in the eighties this weekend. I’m REALLY excited and ready for summer to officially arrive. Since summer is almost here, we spent last week getting the pool in tip top shape. Now we are ready to spend some time swimming and BBQing with friends in the backyard. I thought I was ready to go until I opened our BBQ and found this disgusting mess…..

Pour 1 cup ammonia in a thick garbage bag, place your grate inside the bag and seal tightly. I used a rubber band to seal my garbage bag. It is important you seal the bag tightly. The fumes from the ammonia is what gets your grate clean. If you do not seal your garbage bag tightly the fumes will escape and your grate will not get clean. Place your bag in the sun and let it sit there until the following day. It was a very sunny day today and I had a hard time getting a good picture with my white trash bag on the concrete. So I set my bag on the grass to get a good clear picture. Because ammonia is a toxic substance to animals, grass and plants  I    made sure the bag was sealed tight enough that no ammonia would leak out and cause any harm to the surrounding environment.
I called my poison control center to inquire about safety precautions and disposal methods when using household ammonia. For safety precautions the Poison Control  Center recommends wearing rubber gloves and safety glasses when working with ammonia. Be careful to turn your face away when you open your garbage bag the next day. The fumes will be strong and can make your eyes burn. Remove your grate and rinse it off until its clean. For proper disposal of ammonia the Poison Control Center recommends disposing your ammonia down a sink where there is plenty of ventilation such as a garage sink. If  you do not have a garage sink they recommend opening a window near the sink you are using for 10 to 15 minutes. You also have the option of taking your ammonia to the nearest hazardous waste center.  (The gal at Poison Control Center asked me if this really works. When I told her “yes” she was excited to go home and give it a try!) Here is how my grate looks now….
Now that my BBQ grills are clean, we are ready to PAARTAAY!

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