Use baking soda to remove the dead skin from your face

If your face is dry and flaky, leave the expensive exfoliating you bought at the store and change it with an economic package of baking soda. Right! [expand title=”Show full article” swaptitle=”Don’t forget to share. Thanks”]That very low price box has enormous exfoliating powers to remove dead skin. So when you need to remove face dead skin, look no further than a container of baking soda.
You need:
– a container
– cloth
– a towel
– a facial moisturizer
1. Take a bowl and make a paste with baking soda. Mix three tablespoons of water with bicarbonate.
2. Moisten your face with warm water. Use the tips of your fingers to gently rub the paste on your skin. Apply small circular movements for a couple of minutes to effectively loose the dead skin cells.
3. Rinse the pasta with a clean, warm washcloth. Dry your face with a pad.
4. Finally, apply a little facial moisturizer to soften the skin.[/expand]

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